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Our shop is aimed at businesses customers, so in particular all natural or legal persons or unincorporated societies acting in their commercial or independent professional activity. This also includes freelancers, lighting-, theatre- and event-technician and lighting designers, as well.

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The grandMA3 Collection

The 3rd generation of grandMA consoles is finally here. And of course you'll get the right clothes for your passion!

Black, minimalistic and really cool in the new black and white appearance.

Make it unique

You are unique and so is your show? Then turn your shirt into something special. We have fundamentally revised the functions of personalization.

Now it is even easier to put your name, company or tour on your shirt.

Blackstage Workwear

Black hoodies, black shirts, black work trousers and black FFP2 masks.

In the online shop Blackstage Workwear you will find concentrated black clothing for stage, job and leisure!
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