Welcome to the Merchandising Shop of MA Lighting!

Our shop is aimed at businesses customers, so in particular all natural or legal persons or unincorporated societies acting in their commercial or independent professional activity. This also includes freelancers, lighting-, theatre- and event-technician and lighting designers, as well.

For legal reasons, the prices are displayed as gross value including VAT, while the user isn’t logged in. Once you have identified yourself as a company, trader or public body by logging in, the prices are stated as a net value excluding VAT. To see the net prices, please indicate the name of your organization or company, as well as your Tax ID when registering. If you are a sole trader and do not have a company name, please enter your own name in the "company" field.

Have fun Shopping!

Members of BSCI as suppliers

We take responsibility for people and the environment and prefer manufacturers who are members of the BSCI organization.
New Shop System

We have copied the customer data for the new MA Shop. For security reasons we could not copy the passwords. Please generate a new password here.

The Essence of MA Lighting
The essence of something determines its chraracter. All the experience, knowledge and performance which makes something an MA Lighting product, ...
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