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12.03.2014 - Colorful Spring of MA

There is a new product for you at MA Stylelights. The lightweight softshell jacket is not really for the winter. Maybe for warm summer nights, but it definitely gives you the right Feeling at the temperature of springtime. And by the way, the combination of loud colors is the trend of the summer.

12.02.2014 - New StyleLights Jacket

The new quilted Jacket is now available in the category StyleLights.

14.01.2014 - Steady prices

Our shop is aimed at businesses customers. As usual in B2B the prices were stated as a net value excluding VAT.  For legal reasons, we now have to show all prices incl. VAT. The net prices haven't changed at all, as you can see once you have logged in. For example, the Price of the MA20006 Softshell Jacket is still 49,90 € net, which is the same price since we have started in January 2011. Being logged off, it is now shown at 59,38 incl. VAT.

06.01.2014 - Holiday

On 06.01.2014 in Bavaria is a Day off. So orders will be dispatched on 07.01.2017 again.

02.01.2014 - News

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